Mission Statement

"Profit is important and necessary for the Survival of a Company. But who defines the Quality of a Product solely on Costs in order to maximize Profit, did not understand the Job." - Daniel Goeudevert

Fair Prices are our Credo. We can offer no Dumping or Discount Store Prices because we believe that good Products are well worth the Money - even in Times of ever-increasing Cost Pressures on the Part of Providers and Health Insurance Companies.

However, to support the Care Providers in their daily Work, we offer a First-Class Premium Service to all our Customers. This essentially comprises:

  • competent and non-binding Consultation, Evaluation and Planning in your Premises
  • no hidden Charges, such as Processing Fee, Surcharge for small Quantities, Express Surcharge etc.
  • No Transport Expense on Orders above 100CHF Value of Goods, Transport is on our behalf.
  • Shippingon Stock Availability from Cham within 24 Hours
  • In Emergencies by Appointment also free Express Deliveryby a Member of our Staff
  • Uncomplicated Treatment of Your individual Wishes
  • Free 1st Level Supportwithin the Warranty Period included (plus Cost of Materials / Spare Parts)
  • Excellent 1st Level Support for 24/7 after Completion of the Warranty Period by our renowned Partner Hospitec (an ITRIS Company)
  • fast 2nd-and 3rd-Level Supportthrough close Cooperation with the Manufacturers
  • Long Term Support through our Product Specialistsincluding, if necessary, Software Updates, Upgrades etc.

We do not leave You out in the Rain, but always strive to meet Your Needs within our Means. The only Way we can compete in the challenging Market for over 30 Years - even in Times of international economic Crises and stronger Pressure.